Become a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison

Are you space-y?  Do you want to make it official?

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The Space Foundation, in Colorado Springs, CO, selects an annual cohort of Teacher Liaisons who join other cohorts going back to 2002 (I am a member of the first cohort) who all promote space education and contribute to all-things-space.  Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort–the deadline is December 5, 2014…and if you’re anything like me, life just gets busier, so applying sooner rather than later is a good idea.  Here’s more info:

Teacher Liaison Application Process

Create and validate an account
Fill out the application questionnaire
Submit a lesson to share with other teachers around the world
Scan and upload a signed letter of recommendation from your supervisor, principal or superintendent
Submit application by deadline – completed applications are due Friday, December 5, 2014, and will be reviewed by the Teacher Liaison Selection Committee in January 2015

What is a Teacher Liaison?

Teacher Liaisons are extraordinary educators who use space-related education programs and principles in the classroom to act as advocates for space-based education in their schools and districts. If selected for the program, they receive Space Foundation training and resources to further integrate space into their classrooms. The program is open to public, private and homeschool teachers and school administrators, including principals, specialists, curriculum and instruction developers and administrators, and others who deliver education programs to students.

Started in 2002, this prestigious, internationally recognized program provides an honored few benefits and privileges that improve teaching skills, strengthens resumes and influences space and science education at an international level. Nearly 300 educators from throughout the world are active Teacher Liaisons.

We select a new flight of Teacher Liaisons each January. Once selected, Teacher Liaisons may remain active in the program as long as they continue to meet requirements for using and advocating for space-based education in their classrooms or schools.

Space Foundation Teacher Liaisons serve as active links between the Space Foundation and their schools and school districts and often work with other space organizations, such as NASA.

intrepid february 2012

Who is Eligible?

Teacher Liaisons may be any PreK-20 educator or other professional or informal educator in the PreK-20 arena. Teacher Liaisons tend to be Master Teachers who want to inspire the next generation of students to pursue and excel in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), but membership is open to educators in all disciplines, ranging from science and math to language arts, physical education, special education or the arts. Applicants need only to demonstrate that they effectively integrate space education within their curriculum.



Complimentary registration for the Space Symposium
Special recognition during the Space Symposium
Complimentary Exhibit Center admission at the Space Symposium
Specialized training and instruction at Space Foundation workshops with optional graduate-level credit
Cutting-edge space education materials, including standards-based lesson plans, training and NASA activities
Opportunities to meet and communicate with top educators, space leaders, astronauts and scientists from across the country
Exclusive Teacher Liaison online community for sharing ideas
International recognition as an advocate in promoting and improving space and science education
A special “logo shirt” worn ONLY by Space Foundation Teacher Liaisons
“First” opportunities to attend Space Foundation Discovery Center, Science On a Sphere® and other special presentations, and an opportunity to bring your class to an Audience With an Astronaut, tours of space exhibits and to participate in program pilots or course evaluations
The “Core 4” Teacher Liaison Requirements

#1 – Community Outreach
Public presentations regarding space and/or technology to members of the community. Examples include: community star gazing night, rocket launching day, back-to-school night presentation, leading space science club, Boy/Girl Scouts presentation or activity, Kiwanis Club presentation, library program, church or youth group presentation, community events during World Space Week, etc.

#2 – Teacher Education
Programs delivered to colleagues at your building or district. Examples include: Professional Learning Community (PLC) presentation regarding space in all subject areas, Teacher Liaison program presentation at staff meeting, curriculum development/alignment meeting on space and technology inclusion, presenting to staff regarding the many Space Foundation programs and opportunities, etc.

#3 – Space Foundation Connection
Don’t forget about us! Involve the Space Foundation in your teaching endeavors. We are here to assist you in so many ways. Take us up on our offers. Examples include: World Space Week contest with the Space Foundation; Space Across the Curriculum Course(s); posting at least five different ideas on our new, interactive, online Teacher Liaison community; submitting an awesome lesson plan to the Space Foundation online lesson bank; bringing your students on a field trip to the Northrop Grumman Science Center, Mars Robotics Laboratory or AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory; have the Space Foundation bring the New Horizons programs to you; join a Teacher Liaison connections forum either in person or via the web, etc.

#4 – Student Engagement
Include space-related lessons and activities in your classroom curriculum. Examples include: grade-level specific space or technology curriculum, multiple-grade level rocket building, Space Day, mentoring program involving space and/or technology, robotics club or contest, humans and space unit, etc.

The “Core 4” requirements must be met each year in order to stay in the program.
Teacher Liaisons are welcome to inform us of any/all met requirements throughout the year, but MUST have at least two requirements from two different categories submitted by May and two requirements from two different categories submitted by November of each school calendar year. The requirement submission process officially begins in May of each year.
Analysis of whether or not the Teacher Liaison will remain in the program will be officially determined in January of each year.
Letters will be sent out at the end of January.
Examples of programs/activities that might fit into each category have been provided. There are so many other opportunities out there!
If an activity is not on the list, please contact us! We will let you know whether the activity counts toward requirements and in which category it might fit.
Teacher Liaisons who complete the needed requirements each year will continue to remain in the program and receive priority during Space Foundation events such as Audience With an Astronaut and/or Student Tours during the Space Symposium, Space Foundation Workshops and any other teacher/students event opportunities.
Those teachers who do not complete the yearly requirements may be removed from the program and will no longer be granted admission into any Space Foundation programs/events to include the Space Symposium.


Check it out–it’s been worth it for me…



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