Take a Ride to Space–the Reality is Getting Closer!

Today, Virgin Galactic tested their Spaceship Two vehicle, the one that will one day take passengers to space.  (The pricetag for a ride–a mere $200,000)

spaceship two

Take a tour of Spaceship Two:


Then, when you’re finished with the tour, watch the video of Spaceship Two in action:


Spaceship Two will be carried up to about 50,000 feet by a larger aircraft, which will allow the hybrid engine to save fuel and operate once it is above most of the air in our atmosphere (the larger plane will use its fuel to carry it that high).  Once at about 50,000 feet above the earth, Spaceship Two will be dropped from the carrier plane, the engine will ignite, and the aircraft/spacecraft will rocket to space, where it will spend a short time before carrying its passengers back to earth.

There is no specific date for its first trip to space, but just in case you have a few hundred thousand dollars hanging around in your pocket, here’s Virgin Galactic’s site, where you can place a down payment:


(Now, if only the Einstein Fellowship provided this for professional development…)


~ by alanotte on April 29, 2013.

One Response to “Take a Ride to Space–the Reality is Getting Closer!”

  1. So, my buddy, since we’re such great friends, you’ll spot me the deposit, right? Oh, and the rest of the $200,000 later too, right?? ‘Cause I know you have an extra $400,00 layng around for a really cool girls night, day, week(??) out, right?? -MePS– miss you. Come back soon. Are you here yet (tomorrow, right??) If you have 3 extra minutes (or 30, maybe we could have cofffee, lunch, etc?? Let me know if it’s at all possible, or call me from the road and tell me how it goes 🙂 Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 01:28:00 +0000 To: megsstudio@hotmail.com

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