Sign the Petition to Reverse the Suspension of all NASA Educational Activities


intrepid february 2012

On Friday, March 22, a memo went out NASA-wide, stating, in part:

“Effective immediately, all education and public outreach activities should be suspended, pending further review. In terms of scope, this includes all public engagement and outreach events, programs, activities, and products developed and implemented by Headquarters, Mission Directorates, and Centers across the Agency, including all education and public outreach efforts conducted by programs and projects.

The scope comprises activities intended to communicate, connect with, and engage a wide and diverse set of audiences to raise awareness and involvement in NASA, its goals, missions and programs, and to develop an appreciation for, exposure to, and involvement in STEM. Audiences include employees, partners, educators, students, and members of the general public. The scope encompasses, but is not limited to:

– Programs, events, and workshops.
– Permanent and traveling exhibits, signage, and other materials.
– Speeches, presentations, and appearances, with the exception of technical presentations by researchers at scientific and technical symposia.
– Video and multimedia products in development (and renewal of existing products).
– Web and social media sites in development (excludes operational sites).
– External and internal publications, with the exception of Scientific and Technical Information as defined by NPD 2200.1B.
– Any other activity whose goal is to reach out to external and internal stakeholders and the public concerning NASA, its programs, and activities.”

Read more:

So is all NASA education cancelled for good?  No.  But forget about seeing NASA at any events, forget about NASA being at conferences like the Space Symposium, and forget about NASA developing new apps, education products, or supporting may ongoing design challenges, etc.  A few will still exist, as long as they obtain an illusive waiver that meets strict criteria.  At least for now.

What can you do?

You can sign the petition below:

For those of you skeptics out there who say “Who cares? The budget is tight for everyone…we all have to cut back,” think about the damage that’s being done by cutting pretty much everything from education.  What kind of message are we sending to kids, to the public, by letting them know that education is not worth keeping?  Education is a long-haul investment, one that takes time to see the pay-off for, and one that keeps goals and dreams alive.  Is this really what we should be taking away?

Take a minute, help NASA education out, and work hard to encourage all of us to support education, ESPECIALLY when the going gets tough.


~ by alanotte on March 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Sign the Petition to Reverse the Suspension of all NASA Educational Activities”

  1. Dear April, We are so sorry this is happening. Dad and I are signing the petition. We sure hope the government decides to reverse on what happened. We are so proud of people like you that are educating so many people of all ages. To think that you are our daughter makes us ever so proud. We love you and hope education comes back the way it should and we hope that NASA will get all of its programs back to educate so many million people. Love, Dad & Mom XOXO

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  2. So glad to see you trying to do something. We can’t let this happen.

  3. Hi April, Dad and I each signed the petition. It took a while to set Dad’s up. Dad is #5451 and I am #5320. I am a bit puzzled though. I could have sworn that 50,000 votes were needed and now it is up to 100,000 for the petition. Am I correct with that? If so, why would that have happened? A shame there. Love, Dad & Mom XOXO

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