Space Exploration and Educators Conference

Every year, Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX holds a Space Exploration and Educators Conference (SEEC), which is three days of tours, workshops, and events that highlight what NASA is up to and how teachers can take advantage of lessons and other events.  Tours of Johnson Space Center facilities, including the food lab where they make space food, the neutral buoyancy tank (the “swimming pool” where astronauts train), mission control, etc.  Workshops are conducted on NASA programs, lesson plans and ideas, and ways classrooms can be a part of NASA.  I’ll be conducting a workshop on “Museum in a Box,” one of the aeronautics curricula I work on.

I just found out that there are a few scholarships still available for any teachers interested in attending.  Here’s the link to SEEC:

If you can’t make it to SEEC, tell a teacher you know about the opportunity.  It should be a lot of fun!pressure chamber test


~ by alanotte on January 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Space Exploration and Educators Conference”

  1. Hi April, This sounds very exciting!! Are you in the Space Suit that is sitting in the chair? What date are you going to Houston? It looks like you may be flying on your birthday. Let me know. We are super proud of you. If I were a teacher, I sure would be having my class attend, or if I were a teacher, I would attend!! Love, Mom XO

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  2. Makes me wish I was a teacher. You always make learning an exciting adventure!

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