26 Acts of Kindness

It’s been hard to put anything into words since last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but today I found something that might be worth sharing.  Since last Friday, I’ve had the desire, like many people, to somehow make the events go away, or to somehow make it all a bit better.  Just take a look at the memorials that have been created in Connecticut and just listen to the conversations all around you.  But what can we really do?

26 Acts of Kindness is one thing we can do.  This past weekend, on NBC news, Ann Curry discussed how she was inspired to come up with 26 acts of kindness she would do for others in a small way to make others’ lives better.  One act for each child and teacher lost last week.  Watch a news story about the idea:

Making a Difference

It’s a simple and powerful idea: do something kind for someone else.  Do this 26 times, and you’ve made a difference.  And if enough of us do just that, it starts to take away a small amount of the anger it’s easy to be consumed by.

There’s a Facebook page devoted to the mission as well:


I’m starting mine today.  And if you want to laugh about my first attempt, here you go…I offered the apple from my lunch bag to one of the homeless men I pass on the way to work in the morning.  He thanked me but declined; with no teeth, he explained, he wouldn’t be able to eat it.  OK, so I’ll give my list a try later today. 🙂


~ by alanotte on December 20, 2012.

One Response to “26 Acts of Kindness”

  1. Hi April, This is a very good idea!! What are the odds that the homeless man had no teeth when you wanted to give him your apple. I am sure he appreciated it either way. It was your kindness that he saw. Dad and I love all of you very much. We cannot wait to see all of you and spend time with all of you. Love Always, Dad & Mom XOXO

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