Apply for the 2013-2014 Einstein Educational Fellowship

So it is a bit strange, when you think about it, but I’m here, telling you to apply for my job. 🙂  The application period is open for the 2013-2014 Einstein Educational Fellowship, so I’m encouraging anyone interested to apply.  The application link is here:

Applications are due by Dec. 5, 2012, so you need to start the application soon if you’re interested.  Here are the basics about applying for the fellowship:

  • Be a U.S. citizen at the time of applying (December 5, 2012);
  • Have a minimum of five years full-time classroom teaching experience prior to completing the application;
  • Have been teaching full-time in a public or private elementary or secondary school for at least five of the last seven years in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline;
  • Be currently employed full-time in a public or private elementary or secondary school or school district;
  • Be able to provide a letter of recommendation from a school district official as one of their three required letters of recommendation; and
  • Be able obtain approval for leave of absence from teaching in order to participate in the program for the full 11 months

Fellows apply to be placed in a position at NASA; NOAA; the Department of Energy; the National Science Foundation; or on Capital Hill.  While every fellowship is different, we are all in Washington, DC for the fellowship, and have the opportunity to see STEM in action, help shape STEM education at our agency, and participate in a variety of experiences both in our agency and elsewhere.  Stipends help pay for relocation expenses as well as living expenses and travel during the fellowship.  Apply now!


~ by alanotte on November 7, 2012.

One Response to “Apply for the 2013-2014 Einstein Educational Fellowship”

  1. Hi April, You wrote up a great description for being in the Einstein Educational Fellowship. Who would know better than “YOU”!! We are so proud of how much you have done with the NASA Fellowship and what you are still doing. We are so proud to be your parents. You bring so much love and joy into everyone’s lives that you touch in any capacity of life!! We love the pictures below and it sure tells how much you love what you are doing.:) From your very proud parents, Love, Dad & Mom XOXO

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