Space Shuttle Prep. Time-Lapse


Here is a time-lapse video of Space Shuttle Endeavor being prepped for a night launch.  Watch closely as the crane operator lifts Endeavor in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) then maneuvers the craft through the building and onto the rocket boosters…the precision is amazing!!  These crane operators are reknowned for their abilities…during open house events at the VAB, the operators will lower the hook and balance an egg on a table, using the bottom of the hook to support but not break the egg (the operators sit in a booth high up in the VAB).

What you’ll see during this time-lapse video (there is sound only at the very end, during the launch) are the final preparations inside the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF), then Endeavor is backed out of the OPF and towed to the Vehicle Assembly Building, where it is attached to the rocket boosters.  From there is it towed to the launch pad.  A protective wall closes around the shuttle, then is rotated back before launch.

While shuttles will no longer launch from Kennedy Space Center, and the final two shuttles will leave the Orbiter Processing Facilities in the next couple of months (Endeavor will be flown from Kennedy Sept. 17…next Monday…weather permitting, and Atlantis, which will be moved to Kennedy Space Center’s new display building for the shuttle, will roll into its new building on Nov. 2, 2012), the video shows the extent and expertise NASA has in what they build and how they conduct business.





~ by alanotte on September 10, 2012.

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