“Dare Mighty Things”

Here is another great video from JPL that highlights the Curiosity landing.  I post this for several reasons:

1.) It’s awesome.

2.) Because they succeeded, and we rooted them on.  As we consume our days with stresses of paying bills, “being reasonable,” watching “reality” tv shows or CSI dramas, and griping about the politics of the moment, there is still hope, and that hope lies in the projects, the dreams, and the tireless dedication some of us have…those who do “dare mighty things.”  And right now, those visionaries, those engineers, and everyone who supported this seemingly far-fetched plan to land an  SUV-sized chemistry lab on Mars are watching that same dream scan the martian landscape…they did it, amidst the chaos of our daily lives.  And they didn’t listen to those who said they needed to be more “realistic.”  Whohoo.

3.) And finally, it’s a reminder that we, too, need to ignore those who tell us no or that we can’t.



~ by alanotte on August 11, 2012.

One Response to ““Dare Mighty Things””

  1. Hi April, You sure hit the nail on the head with this message. Hurray for NASA and not listening to the people that are saying that things cannot be done when they can and you can think “outside of the box” and obtain what you have dreamed and it became reality. Love, Dad & Mom XOXO —

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