Curiosity Made It!!!

Last night (or this morning…however you categorize 1:32 am EST), Curiosity safely landed on Martian soil.  Everything went about as perfectly as you could imagine, with the parachute deploying, the rockets firing at the right time, and the cables successfully lowering Curiosity gently to the surface.  Within minutes, the first pictures were beamed back to Earth.

In another addition of great timing, the rover, along with its parachute, was caught on satellite imagery as it entered the Martian atmosphere. Just a second earlier or a second later, and the image wouldn’t have even shown anything (at that point, it was still traveling faster than the speed of sound) .  But now, you can see the parachute and the rover when it was still enclosed in it’s protective shielding.

Just minutes after landing on Mars, Curiosity took its first picture:

You can see Curiosity’s wheel, and the fairly smooth soil in the area surrounding the rover.  While the wheel might seem as if it’s in bad shape, there is still a covering over the wheel, which will come off as Curiosity moves its wheels.  All of this, as you can imagine, made NASA very happy:

My comments about it all: Yippee!! (not much more to say…it was a late night and long day 🙂 )



~ by alanotte on August 6, 2012.

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