My First Rocket Launch at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility!!


This week I have been busy building a payload (aka experiment) that will be launched on Thursday morning on a sounding rocket, into the upper limits of earth’s atmosphere.  Here’s one of the components we’ve been building (we built a geiger counter that will measure the radiation levels in the atmosphere as we go higher, as well as a low-level accelerometer and a high level accelerometer).

What’s really exciting about this project is the hands-on aspect.  It’s one thing to read about what NASA is working on, but another thing to be a part of it from the assembly, testing, and programming standpoint.  It’s been a hard three days so far, and we have three days to go, but my hope is to bring this kind of project to Colorado where both university and high school students can work together on this and then launch it at a facility like Wallops.

For any early-birds who are interested, there will be a live webcast on Thursday morning, where you can watch the launch.  The launch window starts at 5am (yup, 5 AM…so think about how early we’re standing out there on the launch pad!) and could launch as  late as  9am).  Here’s the link:

Join in if you’d like…it should be lots of fun!!



~ by alanotte on June 18, 2012.

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