Cherry Blossoms and Washington, DC

It’s that time of year.  I didn’t even know there was “that time of year” here in DC until I moved here.  Cherry blossoms–they’re everywhere.  But more specifically, there are cherry trees that were planted 100 years ago this year along the Tidal Basin area of Washington, DC.  A gift from Japan to the US, thousands of cherry trees were planted in DC and still flourish today.  They are in bloom right now (weeks before they were supposed to bloom), and this weekend kicks of the centennial Cherry Blossom Festival.  This morning, needing some relief from a stressful few weeks here at NASA (too many deadlines, not enough hours in the day to get it all done…), I rented a bike just around the corner from NASA Headquarters (DC has a bikeshare program where you can rent a bicycle from one of the stands, ride it where you’d like, and return it to any stand in DC…not a bad way to get around!) and went over to view the cherry blossoms.  I have to say that they were incredible–billions of tiny little blossoms on trees lining the Tital Basin area near the Jefferson Memorial, and elsewhere, too.

It was a great break from the pressures of the job, I saw them before eight billion visitors descend on the area this weekend for the festival, and now I’m able to get work done a little better.

Happy Centennial, cherry blossoms!




~ by alanotte on March 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms and Washington, DC”

  1. Wow – the pictures are beautiful, but it must be a breathtaking sight in person! Can’t say that the Colorado spring has been spectacular; still brown and dusty here. But, I did hear my first meadowlark of the season today, and you know what a spirit-lifter that beautiful trill is!

    Miss all of you. Love, Rocky

  2. Pretty… all I can think of is Jill’s mother-in-laws experience (lol). Glad you have pretty weather. Miss ya, Meg

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