Moon glove and moon boot

This past week, items from an exhibit came back to NASA Headquarters to be inventoried and put away.  Langley Research Center had a moon suit on display, something not uncommon around NASA.  Most of the time, the suit components are “generic” suits–parts made for general astronaut training.  So, these “generic” parts came back after the exhibit was taken down (it had probably been on display for years).  That’s when my supervisor, who takes care of many of these artifacts, checked out the moon boots and the gloves–here’s what he found:

These were not “generic” pieces at all!!  The glove was one of Neil Armstrong’s gloves (WOW!!!), and one of the boots belonged to Jack Schmitt, one of the last astronauts to land on the moon.  This was an awesome find!!  Apparently, each astronaut assigned a mission has three sets of astronaut gear made specifically for  them, so these were parts of one of the three sets–not the ones that actually touched lunar soil, but their specific gear, nonetheless.  (The moon boot, by the way, had a hole hacked in the bottom so they could poke a rod through for the exhibit so the suit would stand up…aargh).

Here’s one of the perks of working for my supervisor:

Yup, I got to wear one of Neil Armstrong’s gloves.  Makes me a little nervous just writing about it now…when I put it on, I almost felt like someone was going to swoop down and yank it (and me) away for doing it. 🙂  Dorky, I know, but it’s NEIL ARMSTRONG’S GLOVE!!!


~ by alanotte on December 4, 2011.

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