NASA Grant for Challenger Learning Center e-missions

NASA and the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Springs have a grant available to 4th grade classrooms (or combination classroom where 4th grade is taught) to participate in a Challenger Learning Center eMission.  I’ve done 2 e-missions with high school students in the past, and they were great!!  An e-mission is an electronic mission, so you would conduct a simulated space mission (much like going to the Challenger Learning Center and participating in one there) except it is conducted remotely using technology such as LCD projectors and Skype video with the commander at the Learning Center.

NASA and the Challenger Learning Center are hoping to make eMissions more available to students in rural and/or under-served areas.  Many times, in rural areas, it’s not easy to get transportation to a Learning Center.

As I said, I’ve done them before and they’ve been great.  Students get a ton out of the experience and I highly recommend it for a strong learning experience.

Here’s the link:

Check it out or pass it on to someone who can take advantage of this.


~ by alanotte on November 4, 2011.

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